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Channel Mixer (foo_channel_mixer)

  • (up|down)mix (to|from) 1-6 channels
  • redirect bass to subwoofer channel
  • delay channels by 1-10000 ms
  • surround sound effect (2->4 or 2->6 mode only)
  • changing virtual width of a stereoimage
  • etc...

Surround Pan (foo_dsp_span)

WYSIWYG Surround panning.

Tube Sound (foo_dsp_tube)

Emulate tube sound.

Matrix Mixer (foo_dsp_mm)

18-channels matrix mixer.


CD-TEXT Reader (foo_cdtext)

Tag AudioCD tracks from CD-TEXT.

Playlist tools

EXTM3U playlist format plugin (foo_extm3u)

Allow to save current playlist in the EXTM3U format.

Playlist Bind (foo_playlist_bind)

Synchronize playlist with contents of specified directory(es).

General purpose

Extended Variables (foo_exvar)

Add some system variables (%COLOR_*% and %SM_*%) to title formatting, and ability to make your own global constants.

Now Playing Simple (foo_np_simple)

Simple now playing plugin allows to output formatted string to plain text file using one of the following encodings: UTF-8, Unicode or ANSI.

Pause On Lock (extended) (foo_lock_ex)

Pause playing on workstation lock. Optimized for use with Windows XP/2003.

No Screensaver (foo_noss)

Prevent running screensaver while player is active.

Preview (foo_preview)

Enables preview listening.

Foo Shutdown (foo_shutdown)

Remaked version of Dake's foo_shutdown with added ability to Standby or Hibernate computer.

ColumnsUI extensions

Playback Toolbars (foo_uie_ptb)

Two toolbars with indicating of playback status.