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Foobar2000 DSP plugin to emulate some of distortions of tube amplifiers.

Latest version: 0.8

System requirements

  • foobar2000 0.9.4 or higher


Emulate DVD-Audio

Tube Sound can be used to generate supersonic frequency (above 22Khz). CD Audio is recording at 44.1Khz and playback at 22.05Khz. However, DVD-Audio prove that human can notice different between music that has supersonic frequency and without. Some instruments can generate frequency above 30Khz (e.g., Drum-set, Violin, Trumpet, Flute). With good system, It's easy to notice different music recording at 96Khz and 48Khz down-sampling of the same music.

Picture below is spectogram of drum-set sound.


Somehow, harmonic, added by this plugin, can generated supersonic frequency for some instruments (such as brass and percussion instrument). To do so, need to oversampling signal to 88.1Khz or more first.


Here is sample configuration

Resampler (Secret Rabbit Code)

  96Khz Best Sinc Interpolator

Tube Sound

  Preamp Off
  Amount 0.450
  Asymetric -9